6 states might be supporting Russia – Ukraine’s intelligence

The fact that ‘all-powerful’ Russia is not able to continue the war against Ukraine on its own, without military assistance from another country, has now become clear. The Russians lack weapons, and that’s why they purchased combat drones from Iran. However, not only Iran helps Moscow to wage the war against Ukrainians.

There are 6 countries that in one way or another now help Russia to continue the war and avoid an immediate defeat. This was stated by the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskyi in an interview with the Italian media La Repubblica.

Russia can be supported by 6 countries

In particular, it is known that Russia, in addition to Iranian drones, also asked for help from China and North Korea. And Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are currently helping it to circumvent Western economic sanctions.

“Moscow also appealed to China and North Korea, possibly to Kyrgyzstan, for the supply of weapons, in particular missiles for MLRS’ Smerch and’ Uragan. There are countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan that help Russia circumvent sanctions by selling them American and Japanese civilian components needed to build missiles”,- Vadym Skibitskyi said.

Russia’s problems with weapons

The representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine also drew attention to the ultra-modern weapons that Moscow likes to show off at parades. In his opinion, this is just pure staging.

This is also proved by the fact that the Kremlin is turning to other countries for military assistance. Moreover, it is currently under severe sanctions that are destroying not only its economy. They also block Russia’s ability to buy weapons and the necessary components for their production freely, as in pre-war times.

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