64% of the EU population supports military aid to Ukraine – Eurobarometer

Around 64% of EU nationals support the EU delivering arms to Ukraine, with Sweden having the most support and Bulgaria having the lowest.

This is indicated in the Eurobarometer sociological research, released on July 10, according to DW.

Among the European Union’s responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supporting the purchase and delivery of weaponry to Kyiv continues to receive support, with an average of 64% of citizens supporting its approach towards the EU.

62% of Germans support military aid to Ukraine

Residents of several EU countries hold widely disparate views on this topic: Bulgaria (30%), Cyprus (36%), and Slovakia (37%) all support arming Ukraine with European funds. 

Sweden (93%), Portugal (90%), Finland (89%), and Denmark (89%) have the highest levels of support. At 62%, Germany’s support is slightly lower than the average.

Almost 90% of Europeans support accepting Ukrainian refugees and providing humanitarian aid

With an 88% approval rate, the most popular EU citizen reaction to Russian aggression in Ukraine is humanitarian aid to people affected by the conflict. 

Accepting refugees is supported by 86% of the population, and financial assistance to Ukraine is supported by 75%.

72% of Europeans support economic sanctions against Russia

Punitive sanctions against Russia are gaining traction. Economic sanctions are supported by 72% of EU citizens, while a ban on airing Russian official media such as Sputnik and RT within the EU is supported by 66%.

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted between May and June of 2023. Support for EU efforts in this area has fallen by roughly 2% across six points compared to the previous statistics from January to February.

EU residents want to reduce energy dependence on Russia 

Furthermore, 82% of respondents say that the European Union’s dependency on Russian energy sources should be reduced as quickly as possible. This policy was approved by 84% of participants during the winter.

Overall, 56% of respondents were pleased with the EU’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while 54% were pleased with their own government’s response. There were no specifics supplied.

Eurobarometer survey: period, coverage and methodology

The Eurobarometer survey, performed in 27 EU nations from May 31 to June 21, drew 26,425 European Union residents. 

The European Commission, the European Parliament, and other EU institutions utilise this study to measure public opinion on EU-related problems as well as views toward political and social concerns. 

The project has been ongoing since 1974. 

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