A new batch of US military equipment, including Abrams tanks, has arrived in Poland

Eight hundred units of American military equipment, including cars and tanks, arrived in Poland over the weekend and were unloaded at the port of Gdynia.

Polish News writes about it.

This is the equipment of the 1st Infantry Division of the US Army. Unloading in Gdynia will last two days. The Americans who arrived in Poland on Saturday will be stationed in the country and in Europe for the next nine months.

After this time, the military together with the equipment will return to their homeland, and new units will arrive in their place.

Among the equipment are M1 Abrams tanks. After unloading, the new equipment will be transported to the warehouse of the port of Gdynia, during the next two weeks it will be delivered by trains and trucks to military bases located in various places in Poland.

In January, another ship with two thousand units of equipment of the 1st Infantry Division will arrive in Gdynia from the USA. Part will go to the east of the country, where American soldiers will train together with the Polish army.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February, NATO sent additional forces and assets, including about 40,000 military personnel, to the Alliance’s eastern flank.

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