A parcel with a bomb was sent to the Spanish prime minister

The explosives were sent by regular postal service.

After the explosion on November 30 on the territory of the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain, the Spanish special services said they had found four bombs in parcels. According to El Mundo, one of the parcels was intended for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

The security service of the Prime Minister intercepted the envelope on November 24. According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, the explosives were sent by regular postal service.

Another parcel was delivered to the Ministry of Defense on December 1. Experts were able to defuse the explosive device. The same morning, the explosives were sent to the Madrid Torrejon de Ardoz air base, which was detected by a scanner.

According to intelligence sources, Sanchez received an envelope similar “in its characteristics and contents” to the three previous ones that were sent to various institutions in Spain.

Spanish Secretary of State for Security Rafael Perez said he would make an official statement at the headquarters of the Interior Ministry to report on the events.

The sixth package with explosives was found in Madrid: it was sent to the US embassy

A letter with an explosive device was found at the US Embassy in Madrid. This was reported by the TV channel laSexta citing its sources in the Spanish police.

The American Embassy is located in the center of the Madrid capital at 75 Serrano Street, which is currently surrounded. A witness told reporters that law enforcement officers evacuated nearby buildings, and shortly after, there was an explosion.

Sources in the Spanish Interior Ministry said the US mission’s security team discovered the letter at around 12.30 pm and then notified the police. Shortly after, the device was detonated by police.

State Secretary of Security Rafael Perez explained at a press conference that all six cases of sending letters with explosives have similar features: they are sent in brown envelopes. They contain pyrotechnic material and an activation system inside.

However, Perez added that the device in the envelopes caused a fire but not an explosion, which would cause much more damage.

Perez also said that all envelopes were sent from the territory of Spain. The channel reports that the central hypothesis of law enforcement officers is that only one person is behind the sending and denies the involvement of any organized group.

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