Agenda for next Global Peace Summit and expected discussions between Switzerland and Russia

The Global Peace Summit, held in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, on June 15–16, 2024, brought together leaders from 92 countries to discuss possible paths to an end of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

Despite the absence of Russia and China, the summit aimed to lay the groundwork for a sustainable and just peace. 

The summit’s final declaration, signed by 80 states and four organizations, reaffirmed the commitment to upholding the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and non-use of force, specifically highlighting Ukraine’s situation. 

Notably, Ukraine is already negotiating with several countries for the next summit, while Switzerland plans to communicate the summit’s outcomes to Russia and China.

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis noted that many decisions made at the summit could not be finalized without Russia’s involvement, underscoring the importance of future dialogues.

Negotiations for the second Peace Summit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine had already begun negotiations with several countries interested in hosting the second Peace Summit. 

Zelensky emphasized the importance of ongoing efforts to achieve a just peace, noting that every step taken has attracted attention from both participating and non-participating countries.

Cassis also suggested that the next peace summit could take place before the U.S. presidential elections in November. This timing underscores the urgency of advancing peace talks and maintaining momentum in diplomatic efforts.

China-Russia absence and Switzerland mediation 

The summit proceeded without the participation of Russia and China, reflecting the geopolitical complexities and the current state of international relations.

Cassis stated that Switzerland would discuss the summit’s outcomes with Russia and China. 

Cassis mentioned that Switzerland has a functioning embassy in Moscow and maintains regular communication with the Russian Foreign Minister. He emphasized that engaging Russia in the peace process is crucial, although challenging, given the current geopolitical climate.

The commitment to engage these nations in subsequent discussions highlights the complexities and the need for a unified approach to peace. As Ukraine continues to negotiate for the next summit, the international community remains focused on achieving a just and lasting resolution to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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