Two Russian Su-25 war planes and 5 Iranian kamikaze drones shot down

On September 29, the Ukrainian air defense system destroyed two Su-25 attack planes and five Iranian kamikaze drones in a single day.

The operational command South reported this.

“Over Mykolayiv Oblast, three Shahedi-136 units were destroyed by gunfire. One assaulted a regional center administration building, and the other targeted a vital infrastructural site in the area. Over Odesa Bay, air defense personnel shot down two flying kamikazes “Pivdna made a report.

On enemy targets, Ukrainian aviation launched 12 attacks on September 29, the fighting day. Two Russian Su-25 attack planes were shot down by air defense personnel in the Bashtan area.

An unmanned aerial vehicle control center at Davydovo Brod was struck by Ukrainian artillery.

Source: Espreso

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