Albania canceled the visa-free regime for Russians

Previously, Russians could enter the country without a visa during the tourist season. In this way, Albania stimulated the growth of tourism. But now for visiting the country by Russians it is necessary to get a visa.


This is reported on the website of the Embassy of Albania in Russia.

“The Embassy of the Republic of Albania in the Russian Federation informs that in accordance with the amendments of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania from 20.04.2023 in Decree № 858 from 29.12.2021 the visa-free regime for citizens of the Russian Federation (annually from May 01 to September 30) is canceled.

Thus, to visit the Republic of Albania it is necessary to obtain a visa in accordance with the purpose of travel.”

The reasons for this cancellation are not reported on the website of the embassy. However, regarding the constant spy scandals related to the activity of Russian agents in Europe, the decision to cancel the visa-free regime may indicate an understanding of the threats that uncontrolled and unrestricted entry of Russian citizens into the country entails.

Also, visa-free entry for Russians was abolished by North MacedoniaMontenegro reduced the summer stay without a visa to 30 days, and Kazakhstan – to 90 days within six months.

Also, almost all European countries, the U.S. and Canada have closed their airspace to Russian planes. Many air carriers, including those from Asian countries, have stopped flying to Russia.

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