Allies will continue to support Ukraine with weapons despite Russia’s manipulations at the UN

The war in Ukraine is not about arms proliferation – Ukraine is under invasion and has every right to defend itself. The international community will continue to provide defense support to Ukraine to allow it to exercise its right to legitimate self-defense and preserve its sovereignty.

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This was stated by the French representative to the UN, Alexandre Olmedo, during a meeting of the UN Security Council convened by Russia on the risks of violating arms and military equipment export agreements.

He also stated that the threat posed by the uncontrolled circulation and transfer of conventional weapons is a very serious topic that deserves serious discussion.

“Therefore, we regret the blatant attempt at manipulation that we are witnessing today. It is surprising to see Russia worrying about the consequences of an aggressive war that it unleashed and for which it alone bears full responsibility. Let us recall the facts: if Ukraine needs weapons today, it is only because Russia unleashed this war and amassed thousands of tons of military equipment near the Ukrainian border before the invasion,” he said.

The French representative emphasized that Russia is violating UN Security Council resolutions to replenish its dwindling ammunition stockpile because “it has been bombing civilians and infrastructure for months on end, in violation of international humanitarian law.”

“It has been clearly proven that Russia is using combat drones supplied by Iran, that it has purchased missiles and ammunition from North Korea. Some of these arms shipments directly benefited the Wagner Group. Massive and systematic atrocities have been documented. The Russian authorities are now recognizing their role in Ukraine after long denying their very presence,” Olmedo said.

He emphasized that France and the EU will continue to provide Ukraine with all the support it needs for as long as it takes, regardless of whether it is bilateral or through the European Union.

This support is aimed solely at enabling Ukraine to exercise its right to legitimate self-defense and to preserve its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence. All these principles are enshrined in international law in the UN Charter. Our goal is clear: we want to return to lasting peace. The only way to achieve this is to thwart Russian aggression,” the French diplomat said.

According to Olmedo, the best way to prevent the illegal arms trade is to put an end to the conflict that fuels it. This is what Russia must do immediately by ending its aggression, withdrawing all its troops from the territory of Ukraine, and respecting the sovereignty of this country, as the International Court of Justice called on it to do more than a year ago.

Russia is not fulfilling its basic obligations as a UN member state

The United Kingdom’s representative to the United Nations, Matilda O’Kelly, said that Russia has assumed the presidency of the Security Council, but is not fulfilling the basic obligations of a UN member state.

“As it supplies weapons for its war, Russia is violating the very UN sanctions it helped create against states like Iraq and North Korea,” she said.

O’Kelly noted that the UK calls on other states to stop helping the Russian military and related forces:

“Arming an aggressor state fuels global instability.”

“In order to preserve the charter principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, Member States must help Ukraine defend itself against this aggression in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter. The United Kingdom has provided a wide range of equipment and support to Ukraine and will continue to do so as a responsible UN member state,” the diplomat said.

She emphasized that if Russia is serious about strengthening international peace and security, its first priority should be to end its illegal invasion, withdraw from Ukraine and uphold its obligations under the UN Charter.

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