Boeing plans to produce ammunition for Ukraine, high-precision rockets

More and more reputable global companies are taking the side of Ukraine, seeking to help it in the war against Russian invaders. The American corporation Boeing wants to establish the supply of high-precision missiles to Ukraine.

Boeing offers to produce precision bombs for accessible rockets

Reuters reported that the Pentagon is now considering this proposal. There has yet to be a final decision. As the West tries to keep up with the demand for more weapons, this proposal is an excellent opportunity. 

With Boeing’s inexpensive, precision bombs installed on widely accessible rockets, striking at 100 miles, the Ukrainian army will be able to hit far behind Russian lines. 

Ukraine will be able to strike the rear of Russian invaders

Boeing wants to supply Ukraine with cheap high-precision shells that allow striking deep into the rear of the Russian army. We are talking about GLSDB shells, which combine GBU-39 ammunition and M26 rocket engines. Ukraine can receive them in the spring of 2023.

GLSDB is guided by a GPS navigator and can hit an important Russian target at 100 miles / 150 kilometers. The cost of one such projectile is about 40 thousand dollars. According to Reuters, Boeing offered the Pentagon to supply Ukraine with missiles directly from American warehouses.

HIMARS production

​​Lockheed Martin is stepping up manufacturing at a facility in rural Arkansas to fulfill the soaring demand for HIMARS mobile rocket launchers. They have effectively hit Russian supply lines, command posts, and individual tanks. 

To raise production to 96 launchers annually, the top U.S. defense contractor is overcoming workforce shortages and problems with the supply chain. HIMARS missiles have become a nightmare for the Russian army, and Ukraine will get more.

Bayraktar drones production

While Russia is forced to beg for some weapons and ammunition from dictatorial regimes, Ukraine is supported not only by governments of the world but also by many private companies. 

In particular, Baykar Makina CEO Haluk Bayraktar plans to produce Bayraktar Kizilelma unmanned fighters, Bayraktar TB2, and Bayraktar Akinci combat drones in Ukraine in the future.

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