Borrell: EU membership is the best security guarantee for Ukraine

Josep Borrell

An informal meeting of the European Union’s foreign ministers, the first ever held outside the EU, has begun in Kyiv. During the conference, the EU’s top diplomat said that membership is the best security commitment the EU can offer Ukraine.

This was announced by the EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell.

“I have proposed a new bilateral, multi-year program within the framework of the European Peacekeeping Fund; we are offering 5 billion euros over the next few years. And I hope that by the end of this year, we will reach an agreement; during this period, we have to make a decision on the revision of the multi-year financial program.”

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

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Josep Borrell also added that the EU continues to provide training for Ukrainian soldiers.

“The goal now is to train 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers over the next few months, and this includes specialized training for fighter pilots. We are also working on strengthening cooperation between European and Ukrainian industries in the defence sector. A few weeks ago, a defence industry forum was held in Kyiv. We will continue working on cybersecurity, protecting against hybrid threats and developing joint strategies in the communications sector”.

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

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The EU chief diplomat also emphasized that developing support for demining and mine action is essential, a fundamental prerequisite for Ukraine’s economic recovery and state reconstruction.

“We are also discussing how to further promote comprehensive law enforcement reforms. And also, the most serious security commitment we can offer in Ukraine is EU membership. This is our strongest security commitment. Ukraine is now a candidate country and is moving further along this path.”

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

After an unannounced visit to Odesa, Josep Borrell arrived in Kyiv. On Ukraine’s Defenders Day, October 1, the EU High Representative and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took part in events honouring Ukraine’s defence forces.

In addition, Josep Borrell said that the EU’s support for Ukraine in the defence sector has reached €25 billion, and the total amount of assistance, including military, civilian, and humanitarian aid, is €85 billion.

On Monday, October 2, an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers began in the Ukrainian capital, the first ever outside the EU.

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