British Prime Minister has agreed to send Tanks to Ukraine

According to the Independent, four British Army Challenger 2 main battle tanks will be sent to Eastern Europe immediately, with another eight armoured vehicles to follow shortly. 

We previously reported that the UK is considering transferring its tank fleet to support Ukraine as it repels a Russian invasion. Thus, the UK has become the first country to decide to supply tanks of its own production.

We can trace a certain trend or even the beginning of a new era in the context of military support to Ukraine.

The following statements seem rather organic in this regard:

  • Announcement by the US State Department of the transfer of 50 Bradley vehicles;
  • Announcement by German authorities on the transfer of 40 Marder armoured vehicles;
  • Pledge by the French government to provide AMX – 10 RC tank destroyers.

What’s next?

The news that the UK is handing over tanks of its own production takes relations and the level of support for Ukraine to a fundamentally new stage. In the near future, we may see statements about the provision of US, tactical and attack aircraft for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

As noted by the British military, the Ukrainian army has the skills for operational training and mastery of modern military equipment. This is demonstrated by the Ukrainian army’s successful counter-offensive actions.

What is to come?

Many analysts already understand that the war unleashed by the Russian leadership on 24 February last year is costing Russia more and more every day.

We are now seeing an interesting trend, which is that many are interested in military support for Ukraine, and it is becoming a global pattern: the more military support they give to Ukraine, the faster the war will end. This is well understood in the White House and Downing Street, and so the overall dynamic of military support will only increase.

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