China may attack Taiwan soon: CIA Director predicts when

The whole world is closely watching the situation around Taiwan. At any moment, China may attack the country. And the CIA director shared in an interview with PBS when it could happen.

Source: PBS.

The US Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns predicted China’s attack on Taiwan. In the interview, he also told what Russia has to do with it.

China and Russia keep close relations

Burns emphasized that China and Russia keep close relations and that the leaders of both countries – Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin – have been able to form a close partnership in recent years.

They voiced this point during the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Then the leaders of the countries met and “proclaimed boundless friendship.”

However, it turns out that this partnership has some limitations, at least in terms of President Xi’s unwillingness to provide Putin with the military assistance he is asking for during the war in Ukraine,” Burns said.

China has its own plans

According to the CIA Director, Jinping is closely monitoring the war in Ukraine. It is not surprising because the Chinese president has his own plans. Unsurprisingly, he is in no hurry to help Russia with weapons.

I think no foreign leader has paid such close attention to this war and Russia’s poor military performance than Xi Jinping as he feels about his own ambitions in Taiwan and elsewhere,” Burns added.

“Ukraine’s victory will not only topple Putin’s regime. It can also prevent China’s war against Taiwan. Because now Beijing is talking about “unification” without the use of force.

But everyone understands that Xi Jinping continues to prepare for a full-scale war. And this decision may be influenced by the situation in Ukraine. If Ukraine does not completely repel the Russian attack, the Chinese leader will have much more temptation to attack Taiwan.

We know he also instructed his military leadership to be ready to start a war by 2027. The further we go into the current decade, the greater the risks of military conflict,” Burns stressed.

China may annex parts of Russia

Several political analysts believe that now we are not talking about “deepening” cooperation between Beijing and Moscow. Purportedly, China has completely different interests in the medium term.

The Chinese are buying up assets and lands in the Far East of the Russian Federation. Thus, China will absorb parts of Russia and increase its regional influence.

When Russia critically weakens under the pressure of the failed war in Ukraine and international economic sanctions, China will be able to annex those regions where enterprises and land belong to Chinese companies and where a lot of the Chinese population has already moved.

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