China restarts political tensions with India over a mountanous region of Bhutan

Doklam, a mountanous region of Bhutan close to the borders with India and China, has been the height that China wanted to land-grab. The latest incident in the past took place in 2017 when Chinese military and workers crossed into the territory of Bhutan and started to build a road. India deployed troops on Bhutan’s request, and China had to retreat.

Now China found ways to convince the PM of Bhutan to say that China was the party to the Doklam dispute and that China has a say on the fate of Doklam. He said, “it is not up to Bhutan alone to solve the problem. There are three of us. There is no big or small country there are three equal countries. Each counting for a third.”

India is in shock. A road to Doklam, a small area less than 100 high up in the Himalayas will give China a logistical advantage for bringing in troops quickly if they attack India.

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