Czech Republiс: Senate approved training of Ukrainian military in the country

The Senate of the Czech Republic supported conducting exercises for the Ukrainian military on the country’s territory.

Next year, approximately four thousand Ukrainian soldiers will be able to train in the Czech Republic. After the lower chamber, the senators also approved the program too. 

The training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Czech Republic will take place in the Libava area. It will involve mechanized units and other support units.

Czech Republic military training 2023

By the end of next year, according to a government document, five four-week tours are to take place, each of which will involve up to 800 Ukrainian soldiers. The upper chamber also supported sending Czech soldiers to train Ukrainians in other EU countries.

The Czech Republic can provide up to 55 soldiers for this aid mission. They can operate in any member state in command structures or as instructors. Senators also approved mandates for foreign missions in Kosovo and Iraq.

Relations between Czech Republic and Ukraine

After the full-scale invasion of the Russian army, Prague became one of Kyiv’s closest partners. Despite the shelling of Ukraine by Russian missiles and drones, a Czech delegation arrived in Kyiv on October 31.

During this visit, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and Prime Minister Petr Fiala signed a joint declaration on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic perspective. It defines the priority areas of cooperation between Ukraine and the Czech Republic as part of the course for Kyiv to become a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In addition, the Czech Republic confirmed in the declaration its intention to continue providing powerful military, technical, defense, and humanitarian support to Ukraine.

Czech Republic supports Ukraine

The Czech Republic is doing a lot for Ukraine now, maybe even more than it could be done, based on its economic situation. Prime Minister Fiala declares that without a free Ukraine, there will be no free Europe, and the struggle of Ukraine is also the struggle of Europe.

By the way, relatively recently, the president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, was considered a friend of Putin in Europe, although after the start of the all-out war he called  him crazy.

The Czech Republic revised its attitude towards Russia and even took severe measures. Therefore, public approval of Russia’s war against Ukraine threatens criminal responsibility.

Prague supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. For a joint victory over the Russian aggressor, the Czech Republic and Ukraine will enhance bilateral collaboration in the defense area. This will help create a reliable defense system for future generations.

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