Czechia stops providing free land to Russian diplomats

The administration has revoked nine ordinances from the socialist Czechoslovakia era that had granted unrestricted use of land to Russian diplomats there.

Resolutions from 1970 to 1982 were to be revoked, according to the Foreign Ministry, because Russia was not using the property for diplomatic purposes.

“We have revoked the government’s decisions made under the barrels of Russian tanks after the occupation of our country, which until now have allowed Russia to use vast tracts of land on our territory without payment.”

Martin Dvořák, Czech European Affairs Minister

Some properties, according to the Foreign Ministry, were utilized for business.

“The existing occupation of Ukraine “must not be supported by unjustified profits from the use of these lands.”

Martin Dvořák

59 land plots are impacted by the Czech cabinet’s decision. They include residences in Prague close to the embassy as well as structures and recreational areas in other Czech cities and villages.

The government’s decision does not require Russian diplomats to leave their homes, but they will now be required to pay rent and taxes.

Only six diplomats are employed by the Russian embassy in Prague, as Czech News Agency reported.

The announcement by the Czech government that Russian intelligence officers were responsible for the explosions at Czech weapons stockpiles in 2014 marked a severe deterioration in relations between Russia and Czechia in 2021.

After that, the diplomats of the two nations were expelled. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the number of Russian diplomats in Czechia further declined.

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