Drone attacks and explosions on Iranian military facilities

An “unsuccessful” drone attack produced a loud explosion at a military installation in Iran’s central city of Isfahan, Iranian state television claimed on Sunday, January 29.

According to the Iranian Defense Ministry, a drone attack triggered an explosion at a military site near Isfahan. Three drones are said to have been shot down.

Source: Reuters

Fire and explosions at Iranian military facilities

A fire broke out inside an Iranian military ammunition and drone manufacturing facility. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-affiliated Iranian media blamed Israel for the blasts. Tehran pledged vengeance.

“The air defense hit one of the drones, and the other two were caught in defense traps and exploded. Fortunately, this failed attack resulted in no casualties and minor damage to the workshop’s roof. “The ministry announced in a statement by the state news agency IRNA.

Iranian news agencies first reported loud explosions. They showed a video of a burst of light at the plant, described as a munitions factory, and footage of emergency vehicles and fire trucks outside the plant.

Nuclear sites in Iran

Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari, the deputy governor of Isfahan province, also stated on television that the attack “did not result in any casualties,” adding that an investigation has been initiated to uncover the causes.

Iran has many recognized nuclear research sites near the city of Esfahan, including a uranium enrichment plant. In April 2022, Tehran reported that it had begun producing uranium enriched to 60% at the Natanz plant, which was close to the 90% required for an atomic weapon.

Rising tensions between Iran and Israel

The new major incident came amid rising tensions between Iran and its enemy Israel over Tehran’s nuclear program. Israel claims that Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran denies this.

In recent years, there have been numerous explosions and fires around Iranian military, nuclear, and industrial installations.

Iran accused Israel of damaging its critical Natanz nuclear plant in 2021. It pledged vengeance for what seemed to be the latest incident in a long-running secret conflict.

The explosions at key Iranian locations have periodically generated anxiety amid tensions between Iran and Israel over its nuclear program.

Israel has long warned Iran of military strikes if indirect talks between Washington and Tehran fail to preserve a 2015 nuclear deal.

Image: Screenshot from the video: twitter.com/Partisangirl

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