EU member states consent to sending one million shells to Ukraine

Hanno Pevkur, the defence minister of Estonia, made the announcement on the margins of a meeting with his EU counterparts on Monday in Brussels. He added that member states of the European Union had agreed to give Ukraine one million rounds of artillery ammunition.

One million rounds of 155mm ammunition will be given to Ukraine, according to a political agreement, he told reporters, adding that the shipment would take place within a year. There are still a ton of specifics to work out, but for me, it’s crucial that these conversations come to a successful conclusion because it proves one thing: If there is a will, there is a way.


At a meeting of the foreign and defense ministers of EU members, the German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, informed reporters that arming Ukraine would soon be a major component of EU policy toward that country.

She also urged EU countries to come to an understanding over the creation of cooperative production and procurement initiatives.

When asked if giving Ukraine more weapons may cause the situation to worsen, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsk replied that it wouldn’t.

“You see the amount of savagery – rocket assaults that Russia engages in on the energy infrastructure, utterly burned, devastated, children kidnapped and forced being Russified,” he claimed.

According to Lars Lkke Rasmussen, the foreign minister of Denmark, negotiations with Bern are taking place so that Switzerland will agree to provide his country a license to export its Piranha armoured fighting vehicles, which are built in Switzerland.

Denmark’s proposal to deploy Piranhas to Ukraine was rejected in June by the Swiss government, who cited their neutrality policy of not selling weapons to war areas as justification.

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