EU to create position of Sanctions Compliance Representative

The European Union leadership intends to create a new representative position on sanctions compliance. The main task will be to prevent the circumvention of the EU restrictive measures by Russia.

The representative should demand stricter enforcement of sanctions in countries, particularly Turkey. According to the Financial Times, David O’Sullivan, the former EU ambassador to the United States, could take the position. This can happen in January.

The new representative is to lead the European Commission’s efforts to ensure full compliance with the EU economic sanctions worldwide. According to a FT’s unnamed high-ranking EU official, the commission may decide on the appointment as early as December 13.

Turkey under the crosshairs of the European Union

The focus of the European Union’s attention is Turkey, which refused to repeat the EU sanctions applied against Moscow. 

The High Representative of the European Union for foreign policy and security, Josep Borrell, said that Ancara’s policies are “increasingly a cause for concern.”

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Turkey sharply increased its exports to the Russian Federation and its purchases of Russian oil. Through the customs union concluded between Ankara and the EU, the country gained access to the free movement of goods, particularly dual-use goods that can be used for civilian and military purposes.

Focus on Turkey, Serbia, and UAE trade with Russia

The US and the EU insisted that Turkey stop supplying Russia with banned goods. Turkey, in turn, seeks to bypass strict export control of industrial and defense products. 

In addition to Ankara, the focus is on Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. Western leaders strictly insist that every state must comply with the sanctions. Those who do not comply will be penalized.

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