Explosions at Russian airbase near Saratov, drone strike reported

A reported drone strike reportedly targeted the Russian airbase near Saratov. On December 5, Russian media announced that there had been two explosions at military airfields inside the country.

Two planes, nuclear bombers, were destroyed, according to reports on social media of a reported drone strike at an airfield in the Russian region of Saratov.

An unknown unmanned aerial vehicle crashed onto the airfield runway at the Russian Engels-1 airbase in Saratov Oblast, which Russia employs to launch massive missile strikes on Ukraine, namely on its energy infrastructure, according to Russian online news Telegram channel Baza.

Local media claimed that a drone strike had hit the Saratov airbase in Russia and damaged two Russian nuclear aircraft.

“Reports now indicate Russia’s Engels Air Base has been struck, destroying 2 Tu-95s”, wrote @JayinKyiv on Twitter.

Long-range bombers frequently target all of Ukraine from this field. According to reports, three people were killed as a result of the explosions, while six more were wounded.

The distance to the Ukrainian border is 750 kilometers (465 miles) from Engels Airbase.

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