Huge fire at Kursk airfield in Russia, following a drone attack

On December 6, an explosion struck the airfield in Kursk, and then an air alert was declared in the city.

Source: the Governor of the Kursk region of Russia, Roman Starovoit

“As a result of the drone attack, an oil storage tank caught fire near the Kursk airfield. There are no casualties. The fire is being localized. All special services are working on the spot”, he said.

A video of the fire has been published on social media.

The oil storage tank caught fire in Kursk

According to local authorities, an oil storage tank caught fire at the Kursk airfield. Soon there was information about two tanks with fuel at once. The flames and the smoke from different parts of the city were so intense that residents could see them.

Also, the local authorities declared the highest level of ‘terrorist threat’ in the region.

Kursk region governor blames a drone attack

The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, has already found whom to blame for the incident. According to him, the explosion was allegedly caused by a drone attack.

Mr. Starovoit said an oil storage tank near Kursk airfield caught on fire due to a drone attack. According to the governor, there were no casualties.

Russia used the Kursk-East airfield to attack Ukraine

Before Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Kursk-East airfield was used for civil and military aviation.

Since February 24, it has been subject to a ban on civilian flights.

The 14th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Federation is stationed at Kursk-Vostochny. It consists mainly of Su-30SM multi-role fighters.

Explosions at Russian airfields near Ryazan

At least two Tu-95 bombers were damaged by explosions that shook Russian airfields near Ryazan and Saratov Oblast, which are home to strategic aviation bases. A drone reportedly struck bombers in Saratov Oblast on December 5. Russia uses these airfields to launch missile attacks on the civil infrastructure in Ukraine.

Russia said that Ukraine had employed unidentified “jet unmanned aerial vehicles of Soviet production” to attack its airfields. Ukraine has neither confirmed nor refuted this allegation.

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