Georgia summoned Czech ambassador over statements on sanctions circumvention

Czech Ambassador Petr Mikiska was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. The reason for this was his statement published in the media, in which he said that part of the products that came to Georgia from the Czech Republic are being exported to Russia to circumvent sanctions, Georgia Online reported.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Khvtisiashvili once again informed the Czech side of the comprehensive steps taken by Georgia in connection with the prevention of such facts, and demanded from the ambassador a detailed explanation of what the statement of Petr Mikiski is based on, which does not correspond with reality and causes damage both the cooperation of the two countries and the reputation of Georgia.

In addition, the information emphasizes that the ambassador of the Czech Republic noted that, unfortunately, his words were misinterpreted and disseminated in a form taken out of context.

During the meeting with the deputy minister, the ambassador also confirmed that there are no issues with Georgia in connection with the sanctions.

Mikiska said this week in Tbilisi that exports of Czech products to Georgia have increased by 80 percent. In this context, Mikiska reportedly said that he is almost certain that some of the goods are going to Russia.

Despite the assurances of the authorities that Georgia fulfills the sanctions of Western partners against the Russian Federation, information is periodically heard in the mass media or from the opposition that the Russians are circumventing the sanctions with the help of Georgia.

At the end of June, the authorities announced that they did not allow a Turkish ship with Russian oil to unload at the Batumi port.

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