German Defense Minister announced new military aid package for Ukraine 

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius visited Kyiv on November 21. During the discussion with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, they reviewed Ukraine’s top defense priorities and ways to increase capabilities.

Boris Pistorius also met with Ukrainian Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov and announced a new military aid package from Germany. 

What does the new military aid package include?

German Defence Minister Pistorius specifically mentioned that the latest Ukrainian aid package would contain four IRIS-T systems, anti-tank mines, and 20,000 155mm caliber munitions. 

This is Germany’s fifth aid package in 2023. Mr Pistorius expressed optimism that it would help Ukraine fight against Russian invaders.

Zelenskyy praised Germany’s support for Ukrainians

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s official X account says, “German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius visited not only Kyiv but also Ukraine’s regions to support our people and our warriors.”

The Ukrainian President stated that he and German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius reviewed the situation on the battlefield and cooperation, particularly in cooperative armaments manufacture.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said they discussed with the German counterpart not only military aid to Ukraine but also the two states’ readiness for joint arms production on Ukrainian soil.

Importance of Germany’s military aid for Ukraine

German-provided IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile systems have proven effective in deterring Russian air assaults. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion began, Germany has agreed to supply 12 IRIS-T anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. 

Kyiv has got three of the four systems from the first tranche. The second tranche is set to begin in 2024. 

The announced air defense systems will be delivered between late 2022 and 2025. 

No Taurus for Ukraine yet

However, Boris Pistorius said there is no update on the possibility of providing German long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine. Kyiv has been asking for these supplies since the spring. 

Ukraine has already received long-range missiles from France and the UK. In the autumn, the US also provided Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles, which were efficiently used for strikes on Russian military targets in the deep rear.

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