Germany confirms new aid package for Ukraine

Germany has confirmed the transfer of a new aid package for Ukraine worth about 600m euros.

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius announced this at the NATO summit in Vilnius, the European Pravda news has reported.

According to Pistorius, the new aid package “serves Ukraine’s priorities: air defence, tanks, artillery”.

“Thus, we are making an important contribution to strengthening Ukraine’s ability to stand (in a war with Russia),” the official added.

According to the Defence Ministry, Kyiv will receive two launchers for the Patriot air defence system, 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, 25 Leopard 1 tanks, and one Luna drone system.

Earlier, Spiegel reported that Berlin’s new military aid package for Kyiv will include air defence equipment, infantry fighting vehicles, shells, and drones worth about 600m euros.

Meanwhile, the dpa news agency quoted its sources as saying that the package cost was even higher – almost 700m euros.

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