Germany plans to buy Leopard 1A5 from Greece for Ukraine

Germany plans to buy nearly 100 Leopard 1A5s from Greece for Ukraine, while Athens will receive Italian tanks in return. The Greek journal Flight reported this.

The media notes that “the available quantity of some weapons is limited, while Ukraine’s needs, given the material wear and tear they have, especially in their slowly developing counter-offensive, are great and growing.”

Germany plans to buy Leopard 1A5 from Greece

Therefore, the allies are looking for weapons that can still be released and transferred to Ukraine. Hence the decision to buy Leopard 1A5s from Greece.

In return, Athens should receive a similar number of modernised tanks. The country demands that the German side overhaul the former Italian tanks at its own expense in Greece or where the Greek government will specify.

Leopard 1A5 tanks will be upgraded

Another demand is to install modern thermal imagers, which Leopard 2 has. In addition, Greece is requesting that the armour of the tanks be strengthened.

At the same time, Germany demands that Greece keep the tanks in good working order. However, several dozen of the current number of tanks belong to something other than operational units, and some are used for training.

The Greek side has yet to upgrade Leopard 1A5s since receiving them, i.e. for 30 years.

Germany’s military aid to Ukraine

Germany has provided military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. In particular, Ukrainian soldiers have received German armoured vehicles, including Leopard 2 tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

On 24 March, Germany handed over machine guns, engineering vehicles and anti-drone systems to Ukraine. In April, Germany sent another package of military aid to Ukraine, which included trucks, reconnaissance drones and ammunition.

Germany’s air defence for Ukraine

On 14 May, Germany announced a new €2.7bn aid package for Ukraine, which included 4 IRIS-T-SLM anti-aircraft missile systems, 30 Leopard tanks and 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

On 23 May, the country handed over a TRML-4D air defence radar, Vector reconnaissance drones, and more.

On 13 July, Germany handed over Gepard anti-aircraft guns and fire control stations for IRIS-T to Ukraine.

Leopards, Gerpards and Patriots from Germany for Ukraine

On 21 July, Germany announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, which included Leopard tanks, machine guns, artillery shells and other necessary weapons.

On 29 July, Germany announced a new batch of military aid for Ukraine, including Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and ammunition.

On 17 August, Ukraine received another package of military aid from Germany, which included IRIS-T surface-to-air missile launchers. On 24 August, Germany announced the provision of missiles for the Patriot system.

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