Head of MFA of Hungary attends forum in Sochi organized by «ROSATOM»

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó flew to Sochi (Russia) to participate in
the Atomexpo forum organized by Rosatom. He announced this on Facebook on
the night of November 21.

“In the morning, I have a meeting in Sochi. Atomexpo is one of the most
important meetings of the nuclear industry. In the conditions of the global energy
crisis, it is unprecedentedly important for the country to be able to produce the
necessary amount of energy. The Paksh nuclear power plant plays a major role in
our energy security,” – he wrote

“Atomexpo-2022” will last from November 21 to 22. According to the Russian propaganda agency TASS, there are plans to sign international documents with Belarus, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar. The forum will discuss the role of nuclear energy “in solving the challenges of the global climate agenda.”

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, Western countries introduced several packages of sanctions against Russia, and also began to massively abandon Russian oil and gas and seek alternatives.

In the spring, Hungary blocked the EU’s sixth package of sanctions, which includes a partial embargo on oil, for several weeks. Szijjártó said on July 6 that Hungary cannot give up Russian oil. According to him, “this is physically impossible.”

On August 23, Hungary opposed the new energy sanctions against the Russian Federation and visa restrictions for Russians.

Hungary is approximately 85% dependent on imports of Russian gas and 65% on oil from Russia. In addition, it imports a small part of the electricity it needs, so its vulnerability in the event of an energy crisis in Europe, according to analysts, is high, Reuters reported.

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