IAEA to check the safety of 3 Nuclear power plants in Ukraine and visit Chornobyl

The IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said that in the coming weeks the International Atomic Energy Agency will send nuclear safety missions to 3 operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine, as well as to the Chornobyl NPP. It was reported on the IAEA website.

Teams of IAEA nuclear safety and security experts will be dispatched in Ukraine – Rossi 

“Following a request from Ukraine, an agreement has been reached between the government and the IAEA to dispatch teams of Agency nuclear safety and security experts to the South Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi and Rivne Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). Under the agreement, the IAEA will also send its third such expert mission to Chornobyl during the current conflict in Ukraine. The IAEA already has a team of experts continuously present at the country’s largest such facility, the Zaporizhzhya NPP (ZNPP). At all these facilities, the IAEA is also regularly carrying out safeguards activities, and has just completed in-field verification activities at three other locations in Ukraine at the request of its government, following allegations by the Russian Federation about activities there”, Rossi declared.

It is reported that the IAEA will also send its third such expert mission to Chornobyl. Initially, each mission will last about a week, Grossi said, adding that they could be followed by others if necessary.

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Due to the Russian invaders’ shelling on November 2, Zaporizhzhya NPP’s last two high-voltage communication lines with the Ukrainian power system were broken, rendering the plant fully de-energized. Energoatom, a Ukrainian NPP operator, has reported this.

IAEA negotiates a security zone around the plant

Earlier, the IAEA reported on alleged progress in negotiations on establishing a security zone around the plant. However, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi admitted that the probability of sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Zaporizhzhya NPP is minimal.

Earlier, the Russian invaders abducted Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant employees again – on October 17, they detained two officials of the plant and took them away in an unknown direction. This was reported by the Energoatom press service.

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