Iran supplies Russia with tank and artillery components

The document is dated 14 September 2022 and has 16 pages. The contract refers to the purchase of components and ammunition worth more than $1 million. The source provided it along with five pages of an allegedly related contract that includes shells, as well as barrels for the T-72 tank and barrels for the Howitzer artillery system.

Source: Sky News

Sky News admits that it was unable to independently verify the authenticity of the documents. However, a security source said that “this is a contract between the Iranians and the Russians for ammunition… We are sure it is 100% genuine”.

A copy of the contract has already been shown to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal during his visit to the UK in May, as well as to British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, and Kyiv and London have said they plan to investigate the authenticity of the material and will take action if it proves to be true.

“Where we have evidence that Iran provided military support to Russia in Russia’s attempted invasion of Ukraine, we have taken action and of course, we will always do the same,” Cleverly commented on the document.

He noted that the UK has already imposed sanctions on Tehran after supplying drones used by the Russian army in attacks in Ukraine.

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