Iran to supply to Russia helmets, bulletproof vests and more drones

Russians who have been mobilized will be wearing helmets and bulletproof vests made in Iran. The Russian authorities started using Iranian-manufactured equipment because they were unable to supply the newly mobilized with the needed ammunition made in-house.

“The Russian Federation starts using equipment built in Iran because it is unable to supply the new wave of soldiers with the requisite ammunition for its manufacturing. It is intended to transfer 3000 armor protection units shortly, including 1500 “Milad” bulletproof vests and 1500 helmets”, the Ukrainian intelligence reported.

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According to the statement, the 3rd motorized rifle division’s 1061st logistical depot in Soloty/Valuyky, the Belgorod region, is currently receiving Iranian munitions.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Iranian government also intends to send a new group of advisors to Russia to train Russian troops in the use of Iranian surface-to-surface missiles and a brand-new class of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), called the “Arash-2.” Their deliveries are expected to start soon.

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A group of advisers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps also left Iran for Dzhankoy, in the occupied Crimea, where they will instruct the Russian invading troops on how to utilize “Shahed-136” and “Mohajer-6” drones to strike Ukrainian cities.

Using Iranian-made drones Russia destroyed important parts of energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

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