Ireland supports Ukraine’s early EU accession

Ireland is in favor of Ukraine joining the European Union as soon as possible, Eurointegration writes (Ukrainian language).

“Many Ukrainians are motivated by the hope of a better future. The sort of future we have now in the EU, in terms of peace, stability, wealth, democracy, and all that comes with it, “Coveney explained.

“But, above all, a nation that is fighting for its life against a military superpower should be allowed to hope for full EU membership, not partial membership or a neighborhood agreement,” the minister continued.

In addition to Ukraine, he believes that enlargement will assist other nations such as the Balkan republics, Moldova, and Georgia.

“We have put off welcoming certain Balkan nations for far too long,” the minister stated.

Coveney emphasized the need of having binding requirements that candidate countries must satisfy. “However, we should also applaud progress when it occurs,” he remarked.

Remember that European Enlargement Commissioner Olivera Varhei believes that preparing Ukraine for the commencement of accession discussions with the European Union might take more than a year or two.

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