Israel has agreed to provide arms to Ukraine – Haaretz

According to Yossi Melman, a journalist from Haaretz, Israeli officials have permitted NATO members to give Ukraine weapons produced with Israeli components. 

Melman claims that Israel has given its approval for Britain to provide Ukraine with electro-optics and weapons control systems made with Israeli components. 

Israel changed its position at Biden’s request – Melman

He points out that Tel-Aviv, which has so far remained neutral regarding the war in Ukraine, accepted US Vice President Joe Biden’s request. 

Melman, citing his sources, claims that Israel plans to spend “millions of dollars” from its national budget and will finance part of these supplies itself through intermediaries.

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Sweden and Finland announced significant military aid to Ukraine 

The largest defense package from Sweden to date, a record $287 million in help has also been agreed upon by the Swedish parliament for Ukraine. Equipment for air defense, personal gear, all-terrain vehicles, sighting tools, tents, and camouflage netting are all included in the package.

Additionally, Finland will give Ukraine a military aid package worth €160.4 million. Finland will be transferring its tenth cargo of supplies to the AFU since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, according to the country’s Ministry of Defense.

In Ramstein-7 more weapons were approved for Ukraine

On November 16, the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine convened its seventh meeting. New aid initiatives were announced by allied countries. 

The Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin reportedly stated that approximately 50 of the countries taking part in the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine are ready to continue supporting the nation, and unveiled the list of weapons that Western allies will provide Ukraine. 

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