Lukashenko acknowledges that Belarus participates in the war in Ukraine

Oleksandr Lukashenko, the self-declared leader of Belarus, said that his nation is taking part in Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. Belta has reported this. The corresponding declaration was made by Lukashenko on October 4 during a gathering on military security.

“Regarding our involvement in the “special military operation” in Ukraine, we do so. We do not conceal it. But we don’t murder people. Our soldiers are not deployed anywhere. We adhere to our commitments”, Lukashenko added.

He claimed that Belarus is supposedly attempting to stop the “conflict” from extending to its territory by taking part in the fight against Ukraine.

“First and foremost, our involvement is meant to stop this war from entering Belarusian land. Second, to stop Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia from attacking Belarus under the pretense of a “special military operation.” As I have stated, nobody will fire at the Russians from Belarusian land. This is our involvement”, Lukashenko said.

Image: Espreso

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