Major development of Russia’s nuclear forces

Russian Defense Minister Mr. Shoigu announced the significant development of Russia’s nuclear forces and the use of “promising weapons” in the war against Ukraine.

Sergei Shoigu announced the “capital development” of the country’s nuclear forces starting in 2023. Russian state propaganda reported his statement.

Russia’s target is a nuclear weapon in action

“Next year, we will pay special attention to capital development in the interests of nuclear forces,” the Russian minister said.

Shoigu also stated that the Russian troops are testing new methods of using missile forces and artillery in Ukraine. First, it is about using “reconnaissance and strike fire systems, which include unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as modern and promising weapons.”

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation emphasized that the troops of the aggressor country are “improving counter-battery combat as one of the main tasks of destroying the enemy by fire.”

In addition, Shoigu suggested using “promising weapons” in the war against Ukraine.

Blackmail with nuclear weapons does not end

The Western mass media learned that the Kremlin discussed using nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine in the spring. However, at that time, the Russian Federation decided that in this way, they would demonstrate their weakness because it was about strikes on a non-nuclear state.

Military expert Serhii Grabskyi believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin can rely on nuclear threats against Ukraine to force the world to refuse aid to Kyiv.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has placed territory seized by Russia in Ukraine under Moscow’s nuclear umbrella, warning that he is ready to defend Russia’s “territorial integrity” by all means. The United States says it has warned Russia about the consequences of any use of nuclear weapons.

Russia and the United States were due to hold talks in Cairo this week on their existing New START treaty, which limits the number of warheads each can deploy.

But Moscow pulled out on the eve of the meeting, accusing the United States of toxic anti-Russian behavior and trying to manipulate the treaty to its advantage.

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