NATO countries may provide new support to Ukraine – AP

NATO foreign ministers will discuss the possibility of offering long-term help to Ukraine this week. At a meeting in Bucharest, AP reports, NATO members will discuss this topic. 

At this meeting, NATO ministers will likely give new non-lethal support pledges to Ukraine. It will include:

  • fuel,
  • power generators,
  • medicines,
  • winter gear,
  • devices to combat drones.

Some NATO members want to supply air defense systems to Ukraine

Some Allies are also likely to announce new supplies of military equipment for Ukraine, mainly air defense systems.

However, for fear of being drawn into a war with Russia, NATO as an organization will not offer such supplies for now. But ministers will also discuss how to support Ukraine in the longer term.

NATO will help Ukraine to modernize the army” – Stoltenberg

“In the long term, we will help Ukraine move from Soviet-era equipment to modern NATO standards, doctrine, and training”, – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said before the meeting.

On November 21, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognized Russia and its regime as a terrorist state. The relevant resolution was unanimously adopted at the annual session in Madrid. 

At the same time, the decision of the European Parliament on recognising Russia as a sponsor of terrorism is crucial and may affect international relations in the future. Russia immediately confirmed its status as a “terrorist state and a country of terrorists” through new cruise missile attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

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