NATO jets intercept Russian aircraft near Estonia for the second time in a week

British and German Typhoon fighters intercepted Russian aircraft flying near Estonian airspace. This was reported by the press service of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

It is noted that NATO fighter jets intercepted the aircraft off the coast of Estonia for the second time this week.

“A pair of NATO aircraft took off to intercept a Russian military passenger plane, a Tu-134 known as the Krusty, accompanied by two Su-27 Flanker fighters and an An-12 Kub military transport aircraft,” the statement said.

The Russian planes were intercepted near Estonian airspace.

The British Air Force clarified that their military aircraft, together with the German Air Force, are conducting joint NATO air patrols, and the interception is a routine NATO Typhoon mission and is proof that the UK and Germany, along with other NATO allies, are supporting their Estonian ally at this difficult time.

Photo: RAF News

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