Norway to provide Denmark F-16 fighter jets for training Ukrainian pilots

The Norwegian defense minister, Bjoern Arild Gram, announced on January 3 that Norway will provide two F-16 fighter jets to Denmark to assist with training Ukrainian pilots how to operate the American-made fighter.

F-16 fighters have been Ukraine’s priorities as the country strives to strengthen its air force in its fight with Russian invaders, and Norway stated in 2023 that it would supply the aircraft alongside Denmark, the Netherlands, and others.

Norway has also brought ten instructors to Denmark to assist in the training of Ukrainian fighter pilots.

Ukraine will get F-16 fighters

The United States approved the re-export of F-16 jets to Ukraine in the summer of 2023. Following that, the Netherlands and Denmark became the first to commit to supplying Ukraine with 61 planes. Norway also stated that it was sending the aircraft to Ukraine.

According to the Netherlands, the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine will most likely begin at the beginning of this year. Ukrainian pilots and engineers are undergoing retraining at the moment.

The Netherlands has sent five combat training F-16s to a Romanian training center. Ukrainian pilots have begun F16 training in Romania.

The importance of F-16 aircraft for Ukraine

Russia frequently employs guided bombs against Ukrainian border towns. The planes do not fly near the frontier and bomb residents from a secure distance with impunity.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces will only be able to fight such methods after they get F-16 universal combat aircraft from the West.

Although they will not be a panacea for all Russian air attacks, they will help address weaknesses in Ukrainian air defense. Ukraine maintains that advanced Western aircraft are the primary guarantee of safe skies. The F-16 provision presents a rapid and effective solution.

The missions that F-16 jets will carry out in Ukraine are quite diverse. Primarily, it will strengthen Ukraine’s air defense since the F16 is an effective hunter for Russian drones.

In addition, the F-16s’ long-range missiles will assist the Ukrainian Army in destroying Russian equipment and logistics. The war is far from over, and the renewed Ukrainian Air Force may surprise the Russians in early 2024, ending their air superiority.

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