Norway will transfer elements of NASAMS to Ukraine

The Norwegian government will transfer elements of the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine as part of a new defence assistance package.

The announcement was published on the Norwegian government website.

The package includes two additional command posts, two launchers and spare parts. The new equipment will allow the Ukrainian Air Defence Forces to be flexible in constructing defences and more resilient against massive missile attacks.

The timing of the equipment transfer has yet to be revealed.

The importance of the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine 

Ukraine requires defence against Russian aircraft and missile attacks. Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram states, “Air defence is a top priority for the Ukrainians, and the system’s good operational results mean that air defence in general, and NASAMS in particular, are very desirable from the Ukrainian side.”

Additional launchers can be incorporated into the system of complexes already deployed in Ukraine. This should increase the maximum number of missiles ready for launch in the air defence system, which may be necessary for massive missile attacks.

Alternatively, one new anti-aircraft fire platoon can be created separately, including one of the transferred command posts, Norwegian launchers, and two launchers previously transferred by Lithuania.

NASAMS’ capabilities

The capabilities of NASAMS include intercepting aerodynamic targets at a distance of up to 20 km with AIM-120 missiles and up to 40 km with AMRAAM ER missiles. 

Another vital feature of the system is its absolute multi-channel capability, where the number of targets being fired depends solely on the number of missiles in the launchers.

Because of NASAMS’s open architecture, the missing radar station can be replaced by merging one of the radars already delivered by the Western allies.

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