Paramedic and former Mufti reads Quran in destroyed mosque of Bakhmut

The Bakhmut town in the Donbas region has become ground for several weeks for a fierce battle between invading Russian troops and the Ukrainian army. However, the locals do not lose faith in the victory of Ukraine.

New video footage shows the former Mufti in Bakhmut, and now a paramedic in the Ukrainian army, reading the Koran in the mosque of Bakhmut. Said Ismagilov posted the video on Facebook.

Russia claims it is making progress in Bakhmut, but so far, the town does not obey the Russian invaders, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine repel their attacks. In the destroyed mosque in the town, the Mufti read an excerpt from the holy Muslim book.

Former Mufti showed dilapidated Bakhmut and read the Koran in the mosque

According to Said Ismagilov, who used to be a mufti and is now a paramedic in the Ukrainian army, they installed the dome on the mosque in Bakhmut just before the full-scale invasion.

“Now, the fiercest battles are taking place here. We are defending our families, our homes, and our mosques. The Russian invaders come and destroy everything here, but Ukraine will win”, – he said.

In addition, Said showed Bakhmut landscapes, which show the town dilapidated by the Russians. He also read the Holy Quran Surah 75 Al-Qiyamah ‘in the building of the Cathedral Mosque of Bakhmut.

Bakhmut battle

The group’s spokesman, East of the Ukrainian army Serhiy Cherevaty, noted that the Russians launch up to 200 strikes on the town daily using the artillery. Also, according to him, the situation on the battlefield is impacted by the weather, which is not good at this time.

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