Parliament of Slovakia will hold a “no confidence vote”

The Parliament of Slovakia has decided to hold a vote of no confidence in the government on December 5, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, the government coalition is already in danger of collapse. 

This decision was made by the Presidium of the Slovak Parliament – the National Council.

Announcement of a no confidence vote in the government of Slovakia

The reason for this decision was the political crisis in the country, which arose after the murder of the famous local investigative journalist Jan Kuciak. 

The proposal to announce a vote of no confidence in the government was made by the liberal party, “Freedom and Solidarity.”

In addition, the “Mist” party, which represents the interests of the Hungarian national minority and is a junior partner in the ruling coalition, called for new elections.

Statements of Slovak politicians

“Mist” wants to hold negotiations on this matter with two other parties that are part of the coalition – the Social Democrats of the country’s Prime Minister Robert Fico and the right-wing Slovak National Party.

“If the negotiations are not successful, the “Mist” party will leave the ruling coalition,” said the statement of the political force.

The crisis after the journalist’s murder

Body of 27-year-old Jan Kuciak, who conducted high-profile anti-corruption journalistic investigations, and his girlfriend were found in a house in the settlement of Velka Macha near the city of Trnava, 50 kilometers from Bratislava.

The cause of death was gunshot wounds: the journalist was hit by a bullet in the chest, and his fiancee was shot to the head. According to the police, they were killed between February 22 and 25.

The EU is demanding a quick and comprehensive investigation of the case. On February 28, an opposition demonstration was held in Bratislava demanding the resignation of the police chiefs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs due to the unprecedented murder of a journalist in Slovakia.

Since then, street protests in the country have not subsided. On March 12, under the pressure of events, Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia and Minister of Internal Affairs Robert Kalinak resigned.

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