Pentagon showed a new bomber, the development of which was kept secret for years

The Pentagon and defense contractor Northrop Grumman have unveiled the U.S. military bomber of the future, the development of which has been kept secret for years. It was reported by the Washington Post.

Photo: The B-21 Raider, with a distinctive bat-wing shape, is awash in blue light during a ceremony at Northrop Grumman. (David Swanson/Reuters)

This aircraft is expected to serve as the backbone of Air Force combat operations for decades to come. The B-21 Raider, with its distinctive bat-wing shape, was unveiled at Air Force Plant 42, a heavily guarded government manufacturing facility north of Los Angeles where some of the military’s most secretive work is done.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking outside the hangar, said the aircraft is evidence of the Defense Department’s long-term strategy to create advanced capabilities that will “strengthen America’s ability to deter aggression today and in the future.”

According to him, it is difficult for the enemy to detect the B-21 in the sky “even with the most advanced air defense systems.” “We reiterate to any potential adversary that the risks and costs of aggression far outweigh any potential gains,” Austin said.

Reuters adds that the aircraft is the first of a new fleet of long-range nuclear stealth bombers for the United States Air Force. Can deliver both conventional and nuclear weapons around the world using long-range and mid-air refueling capabilities.

This is the first development of an American bomber in more than 30 years. The first plane is being prepared to be fully completed next year.

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