Poland recognizes Russian regime as a terrorist one

On October 26, the Senate of Poland unanimously adopted a resolution on the recognition of the Russian Federation authorities as a terrorist regime. This resolution is published on the Senate website.

Poland urges all the states to recognize Russia as a terrorist state

The resolution also once again condemns Russian aggression and calls on all countries to recognize the Russian authorities as a terrorist regime.

During the discussion, the Polish senators pointed to the unprecedented cruelty of Russian aggression against Ukraine and the need to punish the authors of these crimes, Polskie Radio reports.

“These crimes require an international response not only in terms of humanitarian and military aid, but also legal assistance,” Senator Alexander Potsay said.

Senator Jan Maria Jackowski called for a discussion of further aid to Ukrainians in relation with the statement of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Pavel Shefernaker on its limitations and the possibility of another wave of refugees from Ukraine.

Poland joined Lithuania, Estonia, and PACE

On May 10, the Seimas of Lithuania adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a terrorist state.

On October 13, PACE adopted a resolution in support of Ukraine. The document recognizes the Russian regime as a terrorist one.

And on October 18, the Estonian Parliament declared the Russian regime terrorist.

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