Polish and Lithuanian PM’s meet to discuss cooperation against Russia

Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, has praised the solid relationship between Lithuania and Poland and asserted that the two countries can create a unified and powerful Europe.

Morawiecki stated that the discussions with his Lithuanian counterpart,  Ingrida Šimonytė, focused on bolstering defense policy and coordinated military drills to fight the threat from Russia. He contended that Poland and Lithuania must cooperate to counteract Russian aggression because the region of Central and Eastern Europe is geographically cursed by its bordering Russia.

Šimonytė concurred that the two nations have a unique relationship since they have always shared a yearning for freedom. In her remarks, she stressed the need for defense cooperation between the two nations, saying that “without a safe Lithuania, there can be no safe Poland, and vice versa.”

In the face of Russian aggression, the leaders of both nations are vocal defenders of Ukraine. Morawiecki claims that the conflict in Ukraine has been a “moment of historical awakening,” reminding people that there are principles that are important enough to live and die for.

Šimonytė noted that the imperial aspirations of Russia put at risk not only the freedom of Ukraine but also democratic ideals and the European order based on rules.

The meeting between Morawiecki and Šimonytė highlights how crucial it is for nations in Central and Eastern Europe to coordinate in order to resist Russian aggression.

Morawiecki and Šimonytė met after Pavel Astakhov, a former Russian watchdog for children’s rights, made a contentious remark about killing the Polish ambassador to Russia.

In response, Morawiecki highlighted that any warnings, particularly those coming from Russia, should be taken carefully but added, “but one should never become intimidated,” alluding to Astakhov’s remarks about the Polish envoy. He criticized Russia for using threats, blackmail, and other coercive tactics to try and force people to make decisions, saying that this is how Russia really acts.

A building that had been illegitimately seized by the Russian Federation was recently reclaimed by the city of Warsaw in collaboration with the foreign ministry. A court decision ordering Russia to pay more than PLN 31 million (USD 7.5 million) plus interest for the illegal occupancy of the land prompted the action.

In accordance with the Vienna Convention, the Polish Foreign Ministry demands that Russia safeguard the safety of all diplomats and denounces Astakhov’s remarks.

Photo by PAP/Rafał Guz

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