Putin is seriously thinking about a nuclear attack on Poland – Grozev

According to the investigative journalist, Putin would prefer not to use this last justification in the conflict with Ukraine since, after that, it would be absurd to claim that he was defending the interests of “brotherly people.”

Photo by Annika Haas

Vladimir Putin, the leader of the Kremlin, is reportedly seriously contemplating the potential of conducting a nuclear assault on the territory of Poland, according to Hristo Grozev, the creator of the investigative project Bellingcat. This is reported by glavcom.ua.

“If there is no other option, he will finally carry it out. He can do such a thing,” on investigative reporter’s opinion.

According to Grozev’s information that he received even before the start of the large-scale invasion, Putin was allegedly ready to resort to a nuclear strike on a larger or smaller scale.

“Although under ideal conditions, he would not like to use this last argument in the war with Ukraine,” Grozev said, referring to the fact that in such a case, it is already illogical to use the narrative of helping the “brotherly people.”

According to the investigator, the main question now is how the West will act, whether Western countries are ready to enter the war and what will be the red line for them.

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