Reasons were given by British intelligence for Russia’s defeat in Lyman

Lyman in the Donetsk region was defended by understaffed units, forcing Russian troops to withdraw.

On Twitter, the British Ministry of Defense posted this information in an update.

British intelligence is investigating the circumstances surrounding the Russian troops’ retreat on October 1 before the Ukrainian attack in the Donetsk area city of Lyman. Understaffed Russian battalions from the Western and Central Military Districts of Russia, as well as reservists who had been called up, defended Lyman. As they departed the city on a single road, they sustained significant losses.

According to experts, Lyman is crucial for operations because it gives Russia control over a vital route via the Siverskyi Donets River, where it is attempting to fortify its fortifications. Given that Lyman is situated in Donetsk Oblast, an area that Russia purportedly sought to “liberate” and tried to illegally annex, Russia’s retreat from Lyman is also a significant political loss.

“High-ranking officials continued to publicly criticize the Russian military leadership following the pullout from Lyman. Increased public condemnation and pressure on the Russian army’s command are almost guaranteed to follow any additional losses in the illegally held territories “According to British intelligence.


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