Rising tensions between China and Russia

The newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to the EU Fu Cong in the interview with South China Morning Post stated that the invasion of Ukraine carried out by Russia had complicated the relations of China with the EU.

The Chinese envoy in Brussels said that Russia’s war against Ukraine became a problem for Chinese relations with the EU countries.

Leaders of European countries have repeatedly insisted that China condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and have urged China to assist in ending the war by influencing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Moreover, Putin has been pushing for at least a phone call with Xi Jinping. He allegedly wanted to congratulate him on his re-election for a third term as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

However, the Chinese leader still avoids communication with Putin after the head of the Kremlin have been criticized by leaders of Western countries because of his statement regarding the probability of usage of nuclear weapons.

That is why the Russian leadership chose Dmitry Medvedev for the visit to China. The meeting took place at the state residence in Beijing. Medvedev conveyed a “message” from Putin during the meeting with Xi Jinping. He simply handed over a letter from the President of Russia in which he allegedly had congratulated Xi Jinping on his victory.

All these circumstances show that even China, one of the closest allies of Russia, considers the Russian Federation as the violator of international law. The only question is: when will China push Russia to withdraw its invading forces and leave all the temporarily occupied territories off Ukraine?

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