Romanian Minister of National Defense resigns

Vasile Dîncu resigned

 On Monday, October 24, Vasile Dîncu resigned from the post of Minister of National Defense.

 “I justify my gesture in terms of the impossibility of cooperating with the President of Romania, the Supreme Commander of the Army,” Vasile Dîncu explained of his resignation letter to Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

According to G4Media, Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu went to Victoria Palace a week ago to discuss with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă about his statements regarding the peace talks in Ukraine, after the Prime Minister said he wanted to have a discussion with him.

Topics discussed included the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels and “the calibration of public communication at the Defense Ministry level in a government context,” a government spokesman said after the meeting.

Vasile Dîncu provoked a sharp reaction on the political scene after he said that negotiations were the only chance to end the war in Ukraine.

 “The war will continue, and the only chance that Ukraine can have, the only chance for peace, is negotiations, negotiations with Russia.  Of course, these are difficult negotiations.”

This declaration is contradictory to Romania’s support to the West policy to strengthen sanctions and force Russia withdraw from it unlawful war against Ukraine.

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