Russia Bombed residential building in Dnipro

January 14, 2023, an air alert in Ukraine due to another massive Russian missile attack. Civilian energy infrastructure hit in several regions. A missile hit a nine-story residential building in the city of Dnipro.

As of Sunday morning, local authorities reported 21 dead and 73 wounded. Among the wounded, there are 14 children. One child was killed. There are still people under the rubble. 38 people have been rescued.

The photos from the scene of the missile attack are horrifying.

This is another Russian war crime. This is not a military facility. There were many people there on the weekend in the residential building.

Unfortunately, such an act is not an exception or an oversight. Every act of violence committed by the Russian Federation brings suffering to the peaceful Ukrainian people.

For example, we can recall the barbaric shelling of the center of Kherson on Christmas Day, December 24. Ten people were killed, and 68 were injured.

This case in Kherson clearly shows how Russia wages war. When Kherson was occupied by Russia – Ukraine, valuing the lives of its citizens, did not carry out such shelling of the city center. After Russia left Kherson – it began purposefully and deliberately bombing everything in the city. At the same time. Russia illegally declared Kherson its territory by holding a “referendum” there. Accordingly, in this paradigm, Russia bombs and kills its citizens. This proves that Russia does not care about the price of this war and is ready to destroy all alive on its path.

And here, the main question arises. One of the essential false arguments the Russian propaganda machine used to justify the invasion of Ukraine was the narrative of “defending Donbas.” The narrative was that Ukraine had been bombing the Donbas for eight years. If Russia does not consider its losses, if Russia shells residential areas on the territory, it believes its own; what prevented it (and not Ukraine) from terrorizing people in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts for eight years?

But unfortunately, this is only a rhetorical question. What is important now is that almost a year of war shows that Russia won`t stop fighting civilians. That Russia, losing the battle, is trying to destroy Ukraine as much as possible and drench it in blood. The aggressor can only be stopped by force.

And for this purpose, Ukraine needs weapons. Ukraine needs tanks, and Ukraine needs even more air defense equipment. Ukraine needs long-range missiles to destroy Russian missile systems. This is the only way to protect people. And the longer some European politicians delay delivering tanks to Ukraine, the more they endanger millions of people who live in similar apartment buildings in Ukrainian cities.

These people don’t know if the next air raid will be their last. They don’t know if they will become only a statistic in Western news reports. They don’t know what Russia is killing them for.

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