Russia might use unconventional weapons – military expert Zgurets

Director of the information and consulting firm Defense Express, Serhiy Zgurets, stated that even while Ukrainian military were defending Mariupol, the Ukrainian military-political leadership evaluated the dangers of chemical weapons usage by Russians. The leadership had already come to the conclusion that all the units needed to be fully equipped with gas masks and other defenses in order to maintain the defense even in those circumstances, Zgurets said on “Espreso.TV.”

“Russians are capable of developing weapons that go beyond traditional (traditional, as defined by international law – ed.) weaponry samples. On September 29, the State Security Council presented a significant report in which it discussed the deployment of tactical nuclear munitions and stressed that they may be employed on the contact line and in areas where both sides’ forces are concentrated most intensively “noted the military expert.

Sergiy Zgurets said that since intelligence assessments of the events at the start of the conflict turned out to be the most accurate, so Ukraine should take them seriously enough.

“The military-political leadership evaluated the dangers of employing chemical weapons even as our fighters were occupying Mariupol with regard to chemical bombs. There were also situations at the time in which the enemy may employ chemical weapons to break down our fighters’ resistance in Mariupol. In light of this, they had already drawn their conclusions, resulting in the provision of gas masks and other defense-preserving equipment to Ukrainian soldiers. The Ukrainian army is aware of these difficulties, but it is now crucial to prioritize training the civilian populace, realizing that the enemy may employ such unconventional tactics against those who reside near the occupied regions and along the contact line “Zgurets made a point.

Source: Espreso

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