Russia shelled Kherson with prohibited weapon

Russia shelled Kherson, liberated by the Ukrainian army in November, with incendiary missiles. This type of ammunition is prohibited under international humanitarian law. 

These missiles destroy personnel and damage weapons, military equipment, structures, and other objects. Local users posted on social media such reports.

Their components include thermite and thermite compounds, ordinary white and plasticized phosphorus, electron, and alkali metals, as well as a mixture that spontaneously ignites in the air.

Russia employs terror attacks against Ukraine

Russia has not accepted its defeat and is using methods to destroy the territory of Ukraine, including prohibited weapons. Russian troops terrorized Kherson daily and areas on the right side of the Dnipro river after the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated these territories.

The use of phosphorus bombs and other white phosphorus shells near and inside populated areas is prohibited by the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of War Victims. Russians continue to confirm their reputation as terrorists by attacking civilians.

The use of phosphorus shells is a war crime

White phosphorus can cause deep burns down to the bones, and tissue residues can flare up again after initial treatment. It is difficult for military doctors, who are usually limited by medical resources, to provide timely and complete assistance to victims.

Even victims who survive burns can die from organ failure due to the toxicity of white phosphorus. In addition, fires caused by incendiary shells destroy buildings and property. 

Non-governmental international organizations have recorded their use of this type of weapon during military conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip, and other war zones. 

The aggressor state that uses the weapon must distinguish between civilians and soldiers, civilian and military objects, which is impossible in populated areas using such projectiles as phosphorus weapons.

UN Security Council member kills civilians

Nevertheless, Russia uses such methods of warfare, disregarding all laws and security, thus destroying the civilian population of Ukraine. How a member of the UN Security Council made such a decision to exterminate the civilian population?

Read more about it here:

Russia illegally decides the fate of the world

So far, influential players in the international arena are avoiding this topic. After all, if we admit that Russia illegally decides the fate of the world by voting in the Security Council, putting forward some initiatives, and vetoing decisions, it would mean recognizing the illegality of the UN itself.

But they are in no hurry to correct this gap because, again, it is necessary to recognize its existence.

Now it is almost impossible to revise Russia’s status in the UN because of the position of other members of the Security Council, who are not ready to reform this for fear of losing their exclusive status in the UN.

After gross violations of international law by the Russians – aggression against Ukraine, annexation of Crimea, and participation in the war in Syria – they have no place at the UN Security Council table. 

The Russian Federation continues to sit in the Security Council and vetoes draft resolutions, including those where it is a party to the conflict or actively incites it, as in Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, and Georgia. 

Ukraine, as the state that suffered the most from Russia’s aggressive policy, should constantly draw the international community’s attention to the illegality of Russia’s membership in the UN Security Council.

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