Russian hackers attack Romanian citizens

Romanian citizens are massively receiving phishing emails. On behalf of a real delivery company, the fraudsters ask for their personal data and more information about their bank account and card. Russian hackers are suspected of the cyberattack.

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Russian hackers are launching a cyberattack on Romania, sending phishing emails to Romanian citizens. In recent days, Romanians have been receiving emails on behalf of a real delivery company with a link that lures users into stealing their bank details. This was reported by Digi24.

The messages say that the alleged delivery address of the person’s parcel is incorrect. Fraudsters ask to update the data within a day, otherwise “the parcel will be returned.”

As noted in the publication, the website and letter of the so-called delivery company look similar to the real ones, but citizens are asked to enter their personal data and more information about their bank account and card, which is a sign of fraud.

After checks, it was proved that the IP address of the phishing site is Russian, and the message is sent by a network of hackers from Russia.

As a reminder, Russian hackers recently attacked the servers of the Prague municipality because of their support for Ukraine. Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda noted that “the digital threat emanating from Russia is real and permanent.”

According to České Noviny, the number of attacks by Russian hackers on the Czech Republic increased after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. During the presidential election, hackers attacked, among other things, the websites of the then-candidate and current Czech President Petr Pavel.

In March, the media reported that in 2022, the number of cyberattacks on EU countries increased from about 10% in the first quarter to 46.5% in the third quarter.

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