Sandu: Russia wants to use Moldova against Ukraine

The Kremlin wants to establish a pro-Russian government in Moldova to use the country’s territory in the war against Ukraine, just as it uses Belarus.

Photo: Maia Sandu/Facebook

This was stated by Moldovan President Maia Sandu during an interview on Vocea Basarabiei.

“Attempts by the Russian Federation to undermine the government, to overthrow the government, and we have new evidence of this. It’s clear that the Russian Federation is trying to create a pro-Russian government in Chisinau to use the Republic of Moldova, including against Ukraine, as it does, for example, in the case of Belarus,” she said.

“And you have seen the latest statements by the Kremlin authorities that they will deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. This is exactly what the Russian Federation wants to do in the case of the Republic of Moldova,” Sandu added.

According to her, the Russian Federation wants to see corrupt politicians who are easy to buy at the head of Moldova.

“It is much easier to control a space where chaos, poverty, and corruption reign than a country that is firmly on the path of democracy, with strong institutions that do not allow the Russian Federation to interfere in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova,” Sandu said.

As previously reported, Russian intelligence services and pro-Russian politicians in Moldova have been trying to destabilize the situation in the country. 

The Kremlin’s plans included gaining control over Moldova’s political sphere, energy blackmail, and increasing tensions in Transnistria.

Officially, Moscow denied the “plan to destabilize Moldova,” saying that these were “absolutely groundless” statements.

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